30 Second Video Ad

Tell Your Story

Lights... Camera... ACTION!

A picture is worth a thousand words… so how much is a video worth?

Many buyers want to learn more about your business, but don’t want to sort through pages and pages of information to do so.

A quick video can help customers find the businesses they are looking for and learn more about them in just 30 seconds.

  • 30 second script describing your business
  • Professional voice over
  • Video editing
  • Use your own photos and video content or we can provide it for you.

Once your video is created we’ll upload it to your business profile and syndicate it to all eligible sites within the ezad network.

You may also use the video on your website or in any of your social media profiles.  It’s your video, and you will be able to us it for any of your marketing needs!

Some of our customers have even used these videos in local TV advertising spots, making it a true value.